Top 11 Bank Nifty Telegram Channels

Are you a stock market trader who trades in Bank Nifty and looking for some trusted bank nifty telegram channels? If yes then your search ends here because in this post I have listed some of the best bank nifty telegram channels, where you can get the best trading calls, learning material, and many more things.

Finding the best bank nifty telegram channel is a time-consuming and daunting task thus I have researched the best bank nifty telegram channel for you. You can join the below-listed telegram channel and start your trading journey.

You might have questions popping into your mind, Why should you join these Bank’s nifty telegram thus I have listed some of the benefits will you get after joining this telegram channels

Benefits of joining Bank Nifty Telegram Channels

Educational Content: The channels I have listed in this blog post provide study material about trading and long-term investment which will be very helpful for you.
Some channel also have their YouTube channel where they teach their trading strategies.
Some channel also takes regular live webinars and live Q&A which will be very helpful for your doubts about trading and the stock market.

Trading Strategies: Every trader has their unique strategies for trading. So you can learn their trading strategies which will improve your trading skills.

Cost Saving: You will get access to various market analyses, trading news, and market analyses for free of cost compared to other paid sources, ultimately saving you money.

Risk Management: You will learn about risk management techniques and strategies that will help you to minimize your losses and be a profitable trader.

Community Support: Some of the telegram channels I have listed have their own group where you can find like-minded people who share similar interests and experiences to help you in your trading journey. You can also ask about your doubts in those communities.

Convenience: You will receive market news, trading tips, and market analysis on your mobile which is very convenient for you.

Telegram ChannelsLinks
Trading Wallah OfficialJoin Now
Zerodha BankNiftyJoin Now
Bull’s ThriveJoin Now
Market MasterJoin Now
Options Analysis Wizard (Recommended)Join Now

1: Options Analysis Wizard (NISM certified)

About: Option Analysis Wizard is a telegram channel that an NISM-certified person runs. This channel not only provides Sureshot trading calls but also gives an analysis of the call so you can know the exact reason behind the call. In this channel, you will trade calls, chart analysis, technical analysis, and bank nifty learning materials. This channel claims that their calls are 80-90% accurate. This channel is 100% free to join. So you can join this channel to start your bank nifty trading journey.


  • Provides daily free calls
  • Have the premium trading course
  • Highly accurate calls
  • Daily Bank Nifty and Intraday calls

Join Channel: Link

2: Trading Wallah (Recommended)

About: This channel is one of the fastest growing channels in the telegram community, In this channel you will get BankNifty trading calls, intraday trading calls, and stock market learning materials. This channel also shares stock market analysis and provides learning about the trades they take on their channel.


  • Provides reports of loss and profits every week
  • Highly Transparent about their calls and trade strategies
  • Provides all types of Equity calls

Join Channel: Link

3: Zerodha Banknifty

About: This channel mostly provides Banknifty daily. Apart from that you will also get Intraday and Equity calls on their channel. They claim that their calls are up to 90% accurate. This channel also provides pre-market updates and real-time market updates. In this channel, you will


  • Very high accuracy
  • Live market support
  • Provides daily free calls
  • Low capital required

Join Channel: Link

4: IET – Algo Traders

About: This channel provides trading calls on the basis of algorithmic strategies and market insights. They also have their dedicated algorithmic trading software which they use to provide calls. They provide both free and premium calls, the only catch is that on their free channels they only provide 1-2 daily free calls, If you need more calls then you need to join their premium channels which have very low subscription fees.


  • Algo-based trading calls
  • Live market support
  • Provides all types of calls
  • Provides education material

5: Ghanshyam Tech Analysis

About: This channel provides Banknifty and trading calls based on technical analysis. If you want to trade in bank nifty then you must join this channel. This channel also provides in-depth market research and they are very transparent with their trade as they provide a P&L statement every week. Apart from they also have a YouTube channel where they regularly upload videos about market news, Trading strategies, learning material, etc


  • Provides trading calls using technical analysis
  • Provides live educational webinar
  • Takes regular QnA sessions
  • Expert Guidance

6: BankNifty 1000 Daily

About: This channel provides market calls and bank nifty calls every day. This channel has more than 45000 subscribers. They provide free calls on a regular basis apart from that they also provide regular investment tips for long-term investment.


  • The large audience on the channel
  • Provide investment advice
  • Good accuracy

7: Eagles Bank Nifty Calls

About: This channel has more than 19000+ subscribers which is a plus point to join this channel. This channel provides bank nifty calls, intraday trading calls, and short-term, and long-term trading advice. This channel also has a premium plan where that provides


  • Provide various calls on the channel
  • Free to join
  • Provide weekly P&L report

8: Shree Tech Analysis

About: If you are trading in a Bank nifty and option then Shree Tech analysis is one of the best places for you. They provide bank nifty sureshot calls, trading tips, and study materials related to the stock market and trading. They also provide trading and investing tips so this must be a great channel to join. This channel has more than 18000+ subscribers which gives a good signal that this channel is doing quite well.


  • Provide free calls
  • Daily Bank nifty calls
  • Expert Guide for Trading

9: Stock Gainers (SEBI Registered)

About: This channel can be joined by people who are new to trading and markets or people who have few years of experience in the market. This channel is run by SEBI-registered persons as they claim on their channel. They provide calls in various trading segments including Options (Nifty, BankNifty, and Stocks), Futures, Equity Cash, and Commodity. They offer 5-6 calls per day on their channel.


  • 5-6 trades per day
  • Large subscriber base
  • Free to join
  • SEBI registered

10: NSE Stock Pro

About: This channel provides free bank nifty, intraday, future, and option calls daily. This channel is free and paid for both groups. On the free channel, they provide 1-2 free calls daily. Apart from trading calls they also provide stock market and trading-related studies which will be helpful for you in your stock market and trading journey.


  • Daily free calls
  • Provide study materials
  • Free to join
  • Provide premium calls

Do and Don’t while joining bank nifty telegram channels

Do your research before taking their calls
Trade only with the money you can afford to lose
Stay updated with the market trends
Track every trade in your notebook
Use proper stop-loss

Don’t use all your money in a single trade
Don’t be greedy in trading
Don’t take big risks

How to Choose and Join the Best Bank Nifty Telegram Channels

Before joining any channel you should consider the following factors given below to find the best channel.

Identify your needs: You need to first identify your needs, if you are a beginner and seeking for basic information or you are an experienced trader and looking for in-depth information, you should choose a channel as per your needs.

Content & Analysis Style: Every trader has a different style in terms of fundamental and technical analysis. You should choose the channel as per your suitable style.

Free Vs Paid: You need to decide which channel you should join free or paid. If you need a basic level of information and a few calls in a day then you should consider joining the free channel. If you want in-depth analysis and information with several calls in a day you should consider joining paid channels.

Channel Reputation: You should research the channel and how trustworthy it is by reading its online reviews and asking the community users.

Community Support: You should always check if the channel has an active online community or not. Also, you should check if the community is interactive and have like-minded people like you.

Free Trail: Before joining any premium or paid channel you should ask the admin for a free trial then only you should join.


Joining the bank nifty telegram channel will be really helpful for your trading journey as you will get live market updates, trading knowledge, and many more things on those telegram channels. Apart from that you will also get connected with a like-minded community where you can ask your doubts about the stock market and trading. You will get trading calls, useful tips, and trading advice from experienced traders. By joining these telegram channels you can polish your trading skills and become a better trader day by day


Which Telegram channel is best for BankNifty?

Finding the best telegram channel for Bank nifty depends upon lots of factors like trading style, quality of analysis provided, the person behind the channel, and many more. By considering lots of factors I have listed the best bank nifty telegram channel in the blog post.

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