15+ Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market in 2023

If are you looking for the Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market then your landing page is right. Investing in the stock market is tricky, but if you have the proper knowledge, it is a reliable source of income. One of the best ways is to do research and technical analysis and take references from trading calls.

You will get all these in a Telegram channel! Their research shows they are quite active in sharing market analysis, news, and investment ideas.

  • This Telegram Channel provides:
    • Free calls daily
    • Offers stock market courses
    • Expert Free Guides on intraday trading, nifty, bank nifty, futures & options calls, and positional trading calls.
    • Pre-market updates
    • High-quality live training classes
    • Regular updates about Indian and International Stock markets, etc.

So, today I will give you 15+ Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market!

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Telegram Channels for Stock Market

1. Profits Everyday

About: This Telegram channel for Stock Market educates both beginners and skilled traders and helps them in earning profits. Also, you can find educational content, authentic knowledge, and Trading tips.


2. JackPot Tradex

About: This is a popular telegram channel for getting equity intraday calls. You will receive around 1-2 such ideas every day. Also, they share a short market analysis at the start to give traders insights. However, this group is not SEBI-registered so it’s best you do your research as well.

3. Stock Market Ninjas

About: Stock Market Ninjas is a small discussion channel for traders to interact and share their knowledge related to the market. Users can give their opinions, price alerts, or stock news to help each other. Overall, it is an active community that you can join. 

4. NRJ Finance

About: This is a unique group that provides detailed stock analysis and investment calls. If you want to join a channel that gives proper researched-backed insights about stocks or industries, you can join here. Even so, this is not handled by a SEBI-registered analyst. 

5. AliceBlue

About: This telegram channel provides relevant YouTube video links about stock market analysis. It is a brokerage company that also gives trading calls and market insights. So, you can get relevant news from here.

6. IMV Stock Market Update

About: This is another channel that gives proper information about stocks along with market analysis. You will receive short-price movement alerts and calls. In short, they provide brief stock news and trading ideas according to it and it is a SEBI-registered group. Even so, do your research before investing.


About: This is a SEBI-registered channel that gives a market analysis with trading calls. You will get learn a lot of fundamental basics about investing if you are a beginner. Also, it is an active group that shares trading ideas that you can refer to.

8. Fundamentals Study (Long Term)

About: If you are looking for a channel that gives quick market updates every day, you can join this group. They provide price movement alerts, industry news, and some insightful reports from all countries that can impact the market. 

9. Faadoo Stocks

About: This group also shares relevant price alerts for short-term trading calls. You will find several chart indicators as well. They give investment ideas according to them so you can join this group to get stock news and analysis.

10. Ghanshyam Tech Analysis

About: This telegram channel gives short-term calls for Nifty. They share around 1-4 ideas that you can refer to. You will also get the chart trends to check the indicators which is helpful to learn candle patterns. However, this group is not SEBI-registered.


About: This telegram channel shares intraday investment calls and market updates. You will find daily stock news and trading ideas for the short term. Even so, it is not a SEBI-registered group so it would be best to do your research before investing.


About: This is a new telegram channel that has recently started posting trading calls. All of the ideas given are for short-term investing only. You will find target prices and their Current Market Price for reference with the market. However, this group is not SEBI-registered.

13. Rocket Stocks

About: This channel is handled by Raj Dattani who is a certified NISM research analyst. He often shares a good range of investment calls and price return estimations. Overall, it is an active group that provides helpful trading ideas but all the content given here is for educational purposes only.

14. Short-Term Calls

About: This is another active channel that shares several investment calls. So, along with these ideas, you will get short chart pattern alerts spotted or market price movements. You can refer to these calls but it’s best to do your research before investing anywhere.

15. Short to Mid Term

About: This group gives around 1-2 short-term trading calls daily. They share the idea with the target and current market price for reference. So, you can explore these calls but it’s not a SEBI-registered channel.

16. Short Term

About: This telegram group shares investment calls with some short market analysis. So, you will receive 1-2 trading ideas daily along with the weekly performance of their given calls. Even so, this channel is not SEBI-registered so it’s best to consult a financial expert before investing.


Altogether, joining these telegram channels can help you with the research part and take references. Most of the groups share chart analysis and indicators through which they made the calls, so you can learn how you could do them as well. However, it is wise to consult a financial expert on short-term trades since they are usually riskier than other investments. Also, learn about risk management to lower losses.


Which is the best channel for stock market trading?

Telegram has several active channels for stock trading and some of the best ones are:

  • Rocket Stocks – Short Term
  • IMV Stock Market Update
  • SGSSL YVCBPL Research
  • Stock Market Ninjas

All of these groups are active in sharing proper stock market news and calls.

What is SL trading?

SL is a short form for Stop Loss. It is a price limit for when the stock price drops below your asset value. Whenever a stop loss is completed, it will sell all your assets at that price limit to save you from losing more money. In short, it is a precautionary loss limit.

What channels talk about stocks?

There are lots of telegram channels that discuss stocks and trading. The following ones are the most active on this topic:

  • Fundamentals Study (Long term)
  • Faadoo Stocks ™️
  • SGSSL YVCBPL Research
  • NRJ Finance

These channels provide relevant stock market information.

How do I get stock news instantly?

To get quick stock market news it’s best to join telegram channels. There you will receive all relevant information related to the market and industries. Also, such groups send article links or references for the content shared so that you can check them.

Is Telegram good for trading?

Yes, if you are relatively new to trading, telegram channels can guide you to gain practical knowledge about the stock market. Also, they share relevant stock news that you can refer to during trading sessions.

Which is the best Telegram channel for intraday trading?

You will find many telegram groups for Intraday trading and here are a few best ones that I found:

  • Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX

Are Telegram channels safe?

Yes, Telegram channels are safe to join but it’s best to avoid clicking on suspicious external links of any sort. Also, having an anonymous username can help you protect your identity.

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